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Question: My baby eyes look yellow, doctor said baby have jaundice, what is the remedies

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Answer: Hello dear. As my daughter also has jaundice i will be sharing the remedies which helped me. You can keep the baby in sunlight daily for 1 to 2 hours. Also keeo the tubelight on of the room where ur baby is kept. Also frequent checks are required to know the bilburin levels are lowering. Hope it helps.
Answer: Go for bilrubin blood test which will give you how much jaundice your baby has. Accordingly phototherapy would be suggested. If jaundice is very less , exposing baby to early morning sunrays would be good .
Answer: Show ur baby to the morning gentle sunrise.Don't forget to close the eyes
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Question: My baby is 3 weeks old.. Still her eyes look yellow.. After delivery doctor had said she has jaundice but very mild.. What should I do.. Please suggest
Answer: Don't take risk in the matter of baby... Kindly check with doctor if you are really worried.
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Question: Baby eyes are yellow 5 days old jaundice test negative
Answer: Dear if jaundice test is negative then there is nothing to worry. Sometimes small babies eyes do look yellow and as baby will grow it will be fine. So dony worry..
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Question: my baby' eyes white portion is turned into slight light yellow...can it be jaundice???
Answer: yes, it may be jaundice. Please consult a doctor immediately.
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