14 months old baby

Question: My baby eyes got red suddenly and watery eyes

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Answer: Hii Just sqeeze ur breast milk into eyes of the baby repeat it will be cured
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Question: My 3 years old baby eyes suddenly got red
Answer: There can be various resons to that , not enought time of sleep, long exposure to sunlight, watching TV tab mobile for long duration etc keep an eye on all these if it is not because of these factors .consult a doctor immediately
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Question: My baby got conjugated eyes(red eyes
Answer: If u r still breastfeeding u can put some drops of breastmolk in babies eyes...else consult with doc to get eye drops. Keep baby eyes clean but cleaning with clean water
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Question: My baby eyes turned into red and watery eyes what to do
Answer: Hi dear if you are babies eyes are red and watery then it could be due to some allergy like dust or due to cough and cold so please try to know the reason first and accordingly take the baby to the pediatrician please do not try anything at home as I is a very sensitive organ and should not be taken lightly.. Hope this helps!
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