Few days old baby

Question: My baby eye is yellow in color... Wat to do

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Answer: Daily mrng baby ah veyil la show pannunga between 6-8 within one week u ll c the changes
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Question: My baby's right eye discharge water n it has yellow color sticky wat to do
Answer: Hello dear A gummed up eye is common in newborn babies  and particularly premature babies as they have very narrow tear ducts, so tears don't drain away from the eye and the fluid can get infected. Treatment for gummed up eyes: 1. Bath the affected eye with saline water to keep it clean. 2. Use damp cotton if you find gluey substance developing around the eye.
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Question: My baby 75 days old,,he passes urine in yellow color...i feed him often but still its in yellow....wat to do....is there any problem ..!?
Answer: Hello dear, When your baby is drinking enough breast milk, urine should be a clear pale yellow colour and not smell. ...Usually when your baby urine is orange or dark in color, you need to give more frequent feed. Sometimes when baby take prenatal or other vitamin or iron syrup. it can change the color of urine. If won't change colour after 1 week, better to check with your paediatrician at once.
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Question: Bactarial eye infection in my baby eye..yellow discharge and stuck eye after sleep what to do
Answer: My mother says mother milk is the best medicine... i also tried i found better result... so u may try... pour some drops of ur milk...
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