14 months old baby

Question: My baby eats everything but he isn't gaining weight? why

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Answer: Babies vary in shape and size as much as grown-ups do, and how much weight your baby gains each month can vary depending on factors like genetics, how much she's fed, and whether she's getting breast milk or formula. For example, exclusively breastfed babies typically gain weight faster in the first two months than formula-fed babies. Here are some rough guidelines you can use to gauge that your baby's on track: • Till 1 month - Remember that most babies lose some weight during the first few days of life, but usually regain this weight over the next few days so that within a week to 10 days they're back to their original birth weight. • 1 to 4 months: Babies usually gain 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and grow 1 to 1 1/2 inches each month • By 6 months: Most babies have doubled their birth weight. • By 12 months: Most babies have usually tripled their birth weight and will have grown 9 to 11 inches from their original birth length. • By 24 months: Most babies have quadrupled their birth weight and will have grown 14 to 16 inches from their birth length.L
Answer: It is ok dear. Babies at this age are growing internally and externally so all the food is going in the growth of organs and bones. They also have so much activities that the food is consumed in providing energy to your baby. Feed the baby whenever hungry and dont worry
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Question: My baby is not gaining weight ..he is one month old and he look like his birth time ..his weight 2.5 kg only
Answer: Hi, baby should gain at least 500 grams per month and should double the weight by 5 months and triple the birth weight by 1 year.for a healthy weight gain, exclusively breast feed your baby till 6 months complete.breast milk is more nutritious , supports growth and complete feed for baby.introduction of top food before 6 months complete can increase the risk of infection and even reduce milk supply.so take care
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Question: Hello. My baby is not well. He vomits everything tht he eats or drinks. Doctor gave medicine as its viral infection he said. My baby has become very weak and thin. Plz help me wat to do.
Answer: Plz give ayurvedic medicin kutajadi tonic or tablet 3-4times a dayfowled by the priscription on it to stol motions, and give very soft food thaat r easily digestable, like curd rice, sabudana gunji, coconut wter ,wtermelon juice, dont give packet milk till motions stop, keep give ora solutios which r easily available in the medical shop.
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Question: Hello all! My baby is 16months old and he eats nothing. He is not gaining weight also. Also gets cough and cold very often. What to do?
Answer: I know babies at times can be too fussy..please have patience and dnt force feed though..else it can backfire with vomiting and aversion towards food..introduce variety of home cooked food to baby and let baby get used to them..sing song or talk to baby to make meal time fun..dnt stress out much if baby is growing well and active..,
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