20 months old baby

Question: my baby donot eat food

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Answer: It's because of summer season. Include this food and water supplement in his diet this will help.. Watermelon. Who doesn't like juicy, cooling watermelon? .. Tomatoes. Here's a fun fact: Did you know that tomatoes are scientifically classified as a fruit and not a vegetable?  Cucumber. ... Yogurt/ Dahi. ... Mint Leaves/ Pudina. ... Onions. ... Coconut Water. ... Khas Sherbet
Answer: Meri baby kch v nhi khati h
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Question: My baby is 10months old donot eat yet ...only feeding wt to do
Answer: Hi! Its because the of the texture, since no texture was not introduced at an early age he is used to have pureed food. Try giving finger food instead. Big enough for him to hold and chomp. Something soft like a piece of ripe guava, or cooked carrot or pumpkin, or steamed apple. Let him hold and eat it. Even better is something crunchy that breaks up easily in the mouth like a paper dosa or rawa uttapam. It is normal to gag when they first start solids (puree does not really count in terms of texture) is very normal. It will gradually get better as he gets used to manipulate the food in the mouth. But if you leave it too long, the gag reflex is actually going to stay further so it is more difficult for baby to make the transition. Hope this helps!
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Question: How can i take food items which donot harm my baby
Answer: Hi,welcome to motherhood You should take a healthy diet since you are breast feeding your baby. Have at least 2 glasses of milk and have milk products Have fibrous food like green vegetables and carrots in the form of Vege or soups or juices or salad Have at least 10-12 glasses of water Should have nuts like figs and prunes and dates daily Have high protein breich diet Cereals oats and ragi us also very helpful. Avoid caffeine Avoid spicy and oily food This will help
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Question: after fever my baby donot eat any food what to do?
Answer: Just like in elders,loss of appetite in kids is normal during n after fever for 4-5 days...till then dont force feed ur child.
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