16 months old baby

Question: My baby don't like eat banana fruits eggs etc.she like only crispy items and nuts.and also she wants to eat alone.so amount of food is very less and also Evey time she having cough and cold.she is only 7.5 kg weight

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Answer: Hello dear. At this age it is important that baby eats everything. Try givinf your baby multivitamin supplements as that builds the immunity and increases apetite. Zinc helps in building appetite. Wheat bran, cashew nuts, and pumpkin seeds are good for improving the level of zinc in the body. Try incorporating these into your child's meals or snacks. Check with your child's doctor for zinc supplements as well. Baby’s growth and baby’s weight are two different things. Child’s weight is one part of its overall growth but it is not the only measuring criteria to check the child’s development. Foods to add in ur baby's daily diet for weight gain are :- 1.) Banana 2.) Desi Ghee 3.) Ragi 4.) whole Cream Yogurt 5.) Oats 6.) Potatoes 7.) Sweet Potatoes 8.) Pulses 9.) Avacado 10) Khichdi with lots of veges 11.) Egg 12.) Whole Wheat Hope it helps.
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Question: mam I don't like to eat food ....and I like only fruits
Answer: only eating fruits will not help you n baby.. have some food as well, whatever you like to have
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Question: My son doesn't eat food nowadays...he is only 7.5 kg..is he having normal weight.
Answer: Hello, dear babies weight is bit low and you need to work on your baby's weight but if baby is active and doing his normal activities properly then there is nothing to worry just a little more effort will help your baby to gain exact weight according to the baby's age.. so baby is 9 months till the major part of baby's diet should be breast milk or formula milk only..so don't avoid that. if baby is not eating anything don't worry just give only a small portion of food and give only food which baby likes to eat. Like give him some mashed fruits or vegetables.. all babies love kheer, custard and food like this so try giving food that baby loves to eat.. dont force feed of baby just a little food and more breast milk is needed at this time...
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Question: My child don't eat vegetables...she only like plain chapatti,how can i give her vegetables? And she not like any fruits only she like banana,plz help me out
Answer: Boil veggies and give that soup with little salt mixed and smash that veggies and feed her..if she don't eat, blend boiled veggies to smooth paste and mixed with atta and make chapattis and make her to eat..u can use these veggies beetroot, spinach, potato for mixing with atta..for soup u can give as your wish..
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