2 months old baby

Question: My baby doing the curd type motion of yellow colour with white clots.....is it normal??

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Answer: Hi dear. White clots may indicate that the baby is not digesting the food well. Te stool gets its brown colour from the bile in gall bladder. May be lack of stool causes this white clots. Consult a peadiatrician
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Question: My baby doing yellow colour poop is it normal
Answer: Hello! Yellow poop is absolutely normal and nothing to be worried of
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Question: My baby poop is yellow in colour but it contains curd like texture it is normal?
Answer: Hello! Yes, it is normal. Curd like textures are particles of milk which is absolutely normal. But if you find too much of it or find the stool to be almost white then please consult the doctor. Take care
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Question: My baby is 3month he is doing watery potty green colour with yellow dots is it normal
Answer: Hello dear, babies poop green and yellow in colour and this is absolutely normal... Breast fed babies poop yellow in colour and formula fed babies poop green in colour... but if a breast fed baby poops green in colour it means the baby is getting gastric so please feed him frequently and it will get better.. however if your baby develops fever or seems uncomfortable then please take him to the doctor and get it checked...
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