5 months old baby

Question: My baby doing poop seven time daily from 8 days she is only on breastfeeding and baby put anything in mouth can baby need any medicine

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Question: My baby poop 7 or 8 time daily from 6 days and who eats little watery and greenish in colour she need any medicine baby is only on breastfeed she is 4 and half month
Answer: Hi! Nothing to worry about, its common in babies. You only worry when the poop is black, white or red, Or there is no poop even after 10 days. If the frequency of green potty in a day increases or even if loosies are occuring, then chances of stomach infection can be there. My paed said that since everything goes into baby's mouth, sometimes green potty occurs. However please check the following; *If baby has cold? *If baby is on Iron drops * Hind milk and fore milk imbalance- please ensure to feed the baby from both the breasts to avoid the imbalance. Please see a Doctor if baby shows discomfort. Good luck!
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Question: My baby is doing green poop from yesterday. She is completely on breast feeding. Also she is doing poop 7 to 8 times in a day from last 3 days. Colour sometime is green some time yellow. Also she has white seeds in her poop n sticky thing. Please let me know is there anything to worry about?
Answer: Hello dear,  your baby poop green watery and having a foul odour. Then it could be diahorrea. If it is diahorrea then you need to keep baby well hydrated.  Diarrhea is when the newborn baby passes very runny, watery stools, sometimes at an increased frequency or more volume than normal. See your doctor if your baby has loose, waterystools for 24 hours, or if diarrhea is accompanied by dehydration, vomiting, fever or blood in stool.
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Question: My baby is 5month complete can I give her solid food and she is doing green colur poop daily only one time it's any problem or it's normal
Answer: It's normal if baby was drinking breast milk the poop was in green colour and u can wait for one month to start solid food for it baby
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