5 years old baby

Question: My baby doesnt sleep with me.either she wants to go to her grandmaa or anty. I want her by my side. She doesnt even come to me for playing and talking. What i have done or what i should do. I m so stressed.

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Question: My baby doesnt go with anybody....she cries if im not there ...even with her father....
Answer: Hi dear, It is nothing but stranger anxiety.it hapoens to babies from 3 rd month onwards.though it is just a phase and would pass eventually,but quite a challenging thing to handle.my baby got this feom 4 th month and she used to cry looking at the surrounding when we came to inlaws place.it was tough time.but once baby ets used tontye neq place thy becone fine.it rebound at 18 months again.and ny baby used to cry seeing strangers.always sticking to me.i stared to take her out in parks and showing different places everyday.to make her feel it is all safe and oart of life.it helped her alot.she is so social and friendly now.so have patience and donot forcibly expose to the new situations.be with him and support.forced exposure could effect their minds negatively.givw some time for them.it would be fine soon......,
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Question: My baby is constantly crying if I don't carry her all the time. Even she is not getting calm down with her dad. She just wants me and wants that i carry her or wants to sit in my lab. She even don't allow me to go for washroom or take shower or cook food. What should I do?
Answer: Hi dear, I can understand your troublesome situation...but calm down...first thing I would suggest that for a mother, motherhood is and should be the topmost priority at least at such early stage...Think for yourself, even you might not be able to concentrate on other works with the baby around....It is important that a mother should do her motherhood tasks with a calm mind....Please understand.... There is no synonymous word to that the baby wants you...In stead of getting panic, spend maximum time with the baby happily. manage your schedules according to her sleeping times etc...slowly slowly hand her over to other people say father etc. firstly in your presence (conditioned response you see!)...this phase is a temporary phase anyways...do not worry or panic
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Question: My baby doesnt like tummy time..even she doesnt want to mssg on her back ..should i worried?
Answer: No dear, don't worry. My baby did the same thing, when I tried to touch she cried. So I did when she slept, sometimes baby do weird type of behaviour. But don't worry, it's normal and will be settle after sometimes.
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