2 months old baby

Question: My baby doesnt sleep deeply whole day nor night. What could be the reason?

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Answer: dear all small babies do this at least first three months don't take any tension once your baby will complete 3 month her sleeping schedule will be changed
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Question: Im 19 weeks pregnant. This is my first baby. My stomach feels bloated n hard like a foot ball most of the time, especially at night. Is it normal?? What could the reason be??
Answer: Hello dear, It might be due to gas. First eat small meals every 2-3 hours. 2nd try to go for walk 30mins morning and evening. 3rd drink 2-3 lts of water/day. Try this for 1 week and if you are still feeling bloated consult your doctor.
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Question: My lower abdomen is feeling hard n discomfortable, what may be the reason and pls suggest me any remedy.
Answer: It has been just one month of your delivery so you should take a warm compress and rest you will feel better
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Question: While sleeping,my 20 days old boy was coughing and reacted like vomiting. What could be the reason... Anything to worry
Answer: Don't worry...Daily night b4 going to sleep apply him coconut oil heated with camphor n turmeric, apply on his chest, neck, feet,nose. He ll not be having cough at the night. In two days his cough ll be gone for sure 👍
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