4 months old baby

Question: my baby doesnt poop daily. he is on bm only. he pee for 15 or more times daily..

2 Answers
Answer: This is quite normal. More than 5 days only you concern about it. Exclusive b/m no issue.
Answer: its normal
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Question: My baby doesnt poop daily...he does 4days onbe...how to make him poop daily..he is 3 months old
Answer: Hello, Dear as long as poop is soft and creamy and baby is active there is no need to worry about it. Babies who are exclusively on breastfeeding can do poop once in 4-5 days..
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Question: My baby is 1 month old and he did poop more than 10 times a day watery and mustered yellow he is on bm
Answer: Hi, it is normal. Usually a breast feed baby's motions are watery. There is nothing to worry. You can have a good and rich diet and have lot of fluid. You should have cereal ,multigrains,pancakes,eggs. Your child will get all the nutrients through your bm
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Question: How do i know dat my breastfeeding is enough my baby is two months old earlier ho used to poop more than two times but he doesnt even poop once sumtimes does dis mean my bm is decreased??
Answer: Hi No its not that..some liquid feed babies even poop once in a week which dosent mean milk is decreased..just do norlte whether urine is at regular interval..also do burp baby after feed baby ll burp if tummy is full...two times poop is abday is normal
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