9 months old baby

Question: My baby doesnt like to eat much what should i do she is 8 months old

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Answer: Hi dear u may give him chikoo puree,apple puree,sweet potato puree,sooji kheer,besan halwa,moong daal khichdi, vegetables. Khichdi..I give all these to my 8 month old baby☺️
Answer: Hello! It is fine if the baby does like to eat much. Try giving more often. Like instead of 3 meals give 4-5 meals. Take care
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    Hi dear u can give ur baby sooji kheer,besan halwa..sweetpotato,aple banana and chikoo puree,moong daal khichdi,dalia..i give all these foods to my baby☺️

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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant, doesnt like to eat anything.my doctor is saying, this is normal symptom.feeling very much tired and weekness.please suggest something what should i do.
Answer: Hello Dear reading you takes me back a time back into my life, where i had the worst three months I could ever imagine... I had any kind of problem, all day sickness, back pain, migraine, heartburn, food poisoning, circulation; you name it and I have it, been off sick many times luckily my job is very flexible with pregnancy so they are very understanding. I know people keep telling you that it will get better, and Trust me it will is just a matter of time!, I had times when I woke up feeling so down, unwell, not energy at all and on top of that I used to worry that it would damage my relationship with my fiancée and I used to feel like "I'm not enjoying this, I don't want this" and felt so guilty for feeling that way but now I know I'm not on my own, is many of us who feel that way, as there is many lucky ladies who dont get any symptoms at all. Just remember that we have a little tiny person growing inside us, everything in your body isn't yours anymore is for that little one to grow stronger everyday and a 12 weeks when you get to see it for first time swimming around (mine sucking his/her thumb), changing positions, makes everything worth it. And then at 15 weeks I woke up full of energy feeling my old self again. starting to show makes such a difference, as it makes it real!!! Den still in anti sickness tablets, reducing doses and mild headaches and get woken up but kicks in my ribs but can tell you the bad times are in the past, after those days I enjoyed my pregnancy n loved it. Do not put too much pressure on you, you going trough a lot, if the sickness is really bad talk to your Gp, it does make a difference and believe me one day you will feel so good that even forget that are pregnant lol Good luck and take very good care of yourself
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Question: My 16 months old Baby Boy doesnt eat solids like rice what should i do and what are the suitable foods for him that i should give
Answer: Hello dear.. Making children to eat, quite tricky task to every mom,this can be overcomed by feeding food in they way he likes.. these are some tips to follow,. Milk is a good source of calcium, they are needed for kids bone health , you can give them as smoothie,milkshake,kheer You can add her favourite fruit with milk and honey, and make smoothie Kheer can be made with carrot, almonds, paneer , just boil milk with almonds ,palm sugar and serve it with topped dry fruits For breakfast , you can make kids favourite recipe like aloo paratha, paneer paratha with little extra butter You can also make sandwiches with more vegetables, You can toast bread with some butter or cheese We can also serve idly ,dosa,roti on their fav shape and colour with veg puree For lunch,we can give curd rice topped with fruits, veg salads, rice can be mixed with any veg poriyal ,can be served with Pappad,Eggs can be given as cheeseegg omlete,scrambled eggs,dragon eggs,kids will love it Evening snacks Give them dryfruit shake, groundnut Chikki, makhanas that can be roasted with little ghee,salt,mild pepper powder,it is a healthy snacks option,kids will love it For dinner Chappati,poori, with paneer, mushroom gravy,kids will love those gravies, veg dosa you can add any veg in batter and make, we can use their fav shapes ..
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Question: My son is 8 months old and he doesnt like cow milk what should I do
Answer: Please don't give ur baby cows milk before 1 yr. Also ur baby is not liking tge the taste of it. Better u can start after 1 yr bt adding some flavor in it. Cows milk is best to be given to the baby only after one year as the baby cannot digest the complex proteins and minerals in the cows milk. This can lead to loose motions or indigestion. Some times babies also get allergic to cow s milk. So please use cows milk or dairy products after the baby s one year old. The baby can suffer from low hemoglobin as the cows milk contains very less iron.
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