7 months old baby

Question: My baby doesnt like to drink water. I tried spoon, glass and sipper. She eats apple ragi porridge for breakfast, soup in evening and khicdi for dinner. She poops every day but sometimes it gets difficult for her. Pls tell me how to increase water intake for 7 months baby.

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Answer: Hi dear! it's a phase and if you have tried spoon sipper open Tumblr everything then please give it sometime it will be better but please keep offering water to the baby so that baby gets hang on it and start drinking.. Hope this helps!
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Question: Hello, please share diet chart for my 21 months old daughter. She's not eating much, she eats only half roti, 4-6 spoon khicdi or daal rice, one cup chilled milk ( she don't like lukewarm milk ) one fruit ( sometimes Banana, orange, grapes, pomegranate,apple etc ) no breastfeeding.
Answer: Hi, Here are some cooling summer foods your children will love to take.... Watermelon, tomatoes, cucumber, Yogurt/  Dahi,  Coconut Water, Khas Sherbet etc... You can choose your baby's favorite from the options for one serving . Early Hours/ morning time A cup of milk. 2 peeled almonds that were soaked all night. 1 or 2 idlis with coconut chutney or sambhar. 1 vegetable paratha along with ½ cup of the curd. Breakfast ½ cup of dalia or ragi in creamy milk and garnished with chopped dry fruits. Grilled sandwich with onions, tomato and paneer inside. A plain dosa or 1-2 moong dal chilla with coriander chutney. Use vegetables like carrots, peas, beans in ½ cup suji upma. Also you can use coconut in it. ½ cup cooked vegetables with 1 bajra roti. Mid morning 1 fresh fruit as in fruit chat or Cut the fruit into cubes. 1 cup vegetable or tomato soup. 1 cup of vegetable or fruit juice. Lunch 1-2 tsp of seasonal vegetables, like methi, lauki, etc. with ½ cup rice or 1 chapatti and ¼ cup dal. 5-6 tablespoons chholey or rajma. ½ cup veg biryani and grated carrots or sliced cucumber. ½ cup baked vegetables like mashed potatoes, cauliflower, peas and beans with soup. In ½ cup rice us ¼ cup rasam or kadhi. ½ cup moong dal khichri with seasonal vegetables like matar (peas), gajar aloo (carrot n potato), and aloo methi. Snack ½ to 1 cup fruit chat with chopped bananas, grapes, apple, etc. ½ cup milk and 1/2 -1 banana muffin. Use 1 cup whole cream milk and a seasonal fruit to prepare a smoothie. 1 paneer cutlet with ½ cup milk. walnut bread with ½ cup milk or  ½ - 1 slice fruit. 1 full wheat bread roll. ½ cup veg khichri with vegetables like carrots, peas and potatoes. 1 cup fruit (mango, banana or strawberry) milkshake. Dinner ¼ cup aloo curry and soya granules with 1 chapatti or ½ cup rice. 1 chapatti or parantha with ¼ cup matar paneer . ¼ cup dal, with 1 chapatti or ½ cup rice and a seasonal vegetable like carrot, bhindi, gobhi, etc. 1 slice of whole wheat bread topped with chopped vegetables like cottage cheese, capsicum, beans, onions and tomatoes. ½-1 small parantha with ¼ cup paneer kofta curry. Small vegetable pizza with capsicum, tomatoes and and cheese topping.  
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Question: Hie Dearies My baby is 6months 10days . Started with solids when she was 10days shy to 6months as recommended by Paediatrician. Started with Mongdal rice porridge...once in afternoon...and then gradually in evening. Also gave her Ragi porridge recently and tomato soup...but she is very gassy now ,does potty every 3days and had hard poop today..cried during pooping & constipated. Please suggest me some food easy for her digest and help poop daily. Thank you!
Answer: Hii dear it usually happens with babies when they start their soild foods as their digestive system still not fully developed their are certain foods which will help in constipation like give banana papaya fruits in the evening time around 4 clock banana is really a great fruit which will help your baby in digestion and give lot of warm water... pear fruit is also good for constipation
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Question: Hi moms!! My lo is 6 months old, I started ragi seri and cerelac for her. Doctor to give water after food when I try to give a water for her she doesn't drink she plays always I tried giving water by holding her, by making sit her and I tried showing things around her while giving water however I give she doesn't drink and I also so put heron my legs and give water for her but still she doesn't drink, am really worried how do I give water for her???
Answer: Hi. You don't have to force her to drink water. As breastmilk has enough water to keep the baby hydrated Secondly . Try to avoid cerelac as it contains a lot of unwanted sugar and preservatives Instead you can give home made versions which are more healthy and easily accessible You can give purees initially like boiled apple puree, sweet potato puree, Banana puree etc. And then you can start with semi solids. Like mashing up the food slightly. You can give idli dosa, roti, cheela. Make small small pieces and introduce to the baby. Baby will initially refuse but then will enjoy eating it on his own. Focus on the quality like high nutritious food rather than quantity Even two spoons of food would be enough at one point. Try to keep offering every 2 hours. Then baby will like it. Do not force-feed at all. Hope this helps
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