3 months old baby

Question: My baby doesnot sleep at night ..he sleeps in day nd even if we try to wake her up she will not ..at night she is awake from 12 to 5 ...how to change her pattern ..I feel very tired

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Answer: Same with me. But now my son is sleeping at ngt. U have to off the lights at night and set routine. After a week they will come to know. Try to be patience
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Question: My 10 months just don't want to leave me at all. She want I take her all time. I could not do any work and as there is no other family memeber at home. How I change her habit?
Answer: Hello dear... this is normal your baby needs you baby feel comfortable with moms . you can try one thing put baby in a walker and then you should keep your baby beside you in that way you can do work and in between talk yo your baby so that he think that you are here.
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Question: How to engage 2month old baby during day time so that she will sleep at night
Answer: Until 4 months you cannot do anything about it you have to follow baby's sleep cycle, if you disturb baby's sleep cycle they will become irritated and more fussy and cranky
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Question: My baby is 7 months now , started with solids rite from 6ty month, but at night she is not sleeping properly , waking up for every 1or 1/2 hr for mid night feedings, but sleeps she sleeps for 9hrs. Even in noon time sleeps only for n hr or so. Earlier in 6th month she slept for 3 to 4 hrs at a stretch and only 2 or 3 mid feedings.. So worried as what to do
Answer: That's normal sleeping throughout the night is a milestone and it is achieved by 2 to 3 years, even if you give solids baby won't sleep without milk they will be awake in mid of nights its normal
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