Few days old baby

Question: My baby doesn't sleep day n night, if I put gripe water then he sleep at day time but many says gripe water is not good so I left giving n he started same thing to not to sleep..... If he awake he needs continue feeding.... Please suggest how to make him sleep..... Even after doing massage warm water bath also, he I'll not even sleep for half an hour

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Answer: Yes I asked doctor about this he said if he urine after each feed then his tummy is full n getting sufficient milk.... And my baby urine after each feed 2-3 times
Answer: No.... Sleeps only for 5-6 hours in 24 hours, he started this attitude from 15days of his birth, actually I heard newborn sleeps for 16-17 hours
Answer: My baby also do this.his sleeping tym iz very short.
Answer: Do you mean ur baby is awake for 24 hours??? :D
Answer: Agar jyaad problm h to turant Dr se milne jao
Answer: I have messaged you check it on chat option
Answer: We will talk on this matter. Can u chat?
Answer: Where to chat?