1 months old baby

Question: My baby doesn't sleep at night....Can u suggest some way out to make him fall asleep at night...He is of 28 days

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Answer: It is common in all new born babies dr. It changes after 3 months. Your baby will sleep in night time. So dont worry.
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep at night how to make him sleep at night
Answer: Make him busy in day time automatically he will sleep at nights
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Question: my baby is 63days old he doesn't sleep at day times ..how to make him sleep
Answer: hello.. dear usually babies sleeping or taking longer nap in the mornings and afternoons almost in a day will not sleep much in night. its better to rest with your baby.. though you baby sleep will resolve on its own...try to sing a song for him.. set a schedule.. make the room darker.. maybe he will sleep do try this.. all the best
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Question: My baby doesn't sleep well at night...how to make him sleep?
Answer: Hi,Dear Following tips might be of help – • Dim lights & have relaxing & calming effect on baby • Instead of complete silence, you can try soft sounds or very soft music which will make the baby fall asleep quickly • Maintain right room temperature •Keep the surrounding clean & less of any distraction • Make your child wear comfortable clothes at night • Give your baby massage morning and once at night. • check if baby if not having cold or congestion issue, as it can disturb sleep • Feed your baby nicely for little longer so that once babys tummy is full, he feel sleepy.hope I helped
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Question: My baby is 42 days old he doesn't sleep in night ,what should i do to make him sleep
Answer: Hello dear... Infants usually won't sleep at night, but is just temporary condition, it will change after some time, you can follow these tips... Mother's milk has lot of nutrients and it's easily digestible, so feed your baby every two hours, during night time ,dream feed your baby, make sure she latches well Make use of diaper at night time,for day time you can use cloth diaper,because prolonged use of diaper cause rashes. This will prevent from wetting of clothes and that disturbed her sleep Before bedtime you can wipe your baby's body with soft cloth dipped in warm water, this will promotes good sleep Keep the bedroom dark during bedtime,during nap you can use lamps,because light will spoil baby's sleep During night time,use cloth cradle it will remain baby to sleep in mother's womb ,it is an healthy practice too. Hope these tips helps for you
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