5 months old baby

Question: My baby doesn't pass urine during night sleep.. is it normal?

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Answer: Hi it is fine if baby don't do pew at night but do monitor baby will do pee in day time. Do feed ur baby properly.
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Question: my baby cried all night doesn't sleep...is it normal..??
Answer: Might be your baby is suffering from colik pain,give 5 drops of colimex drops.
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Question: My 5 month baby didnt pass urine in night during summer. Is iy normal?
Answer: hi dear , if your baby is well hydrated then should pee at least once or twice at night. but if you baby is in a complete sound sleep then it may not pee. feed your baby before bedtime. not peeingfor more than 6 hours is a sign of dehydration.
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Question: My baby doesn't pass urine entire night.. straight from night 9 to morning 7 .. is this something to worry about or is it normal?
Answer: Usually babies dont urinate when they are in deep sleep
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Question: Whole night no urine pass by my baby boy....Is it normal
Answer: Hi dear it sometimes happens due to change in weather or if baby started sleeping while noght . Do feed ur baby once and try to make him do pee. If baby don't do pee even after having frequent feeding session then u can consult doctor.
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