1 months old baby

Question: My 18 mnth baby doesn't drink milk in bottle or cup if I feed her wth spoon or pump she take bt it takes long and she dsnt have mch.any suggestion how to gve her milk.and she still dsnt stop breastfeeding tried so many things.and thts why she doesn't eat other things.her weight is 8.4 .m so worried.

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Answer: If not taking milk then give other milk products like curd paneer cheese milk shakes buttermilk etc I successfully stopped breastfeeding my baby she hardly takes once or twice in a week first I reduce daytime breastfeeding once she started solid foods through the day I give her 6 small meals in frequent interval when she completed 15 months I stopped day time bf n gave variety of foods now she takes while sleeping n night time when she became 18 months I stopped feeding to make her sleep now her father is making her sleep n when she was 21 months old I stopped night time bf her father make her sleep initially she was crying but now she settle n not taking bf through out night
Answer: mujhe bui saame probl h..pls help
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Question: How to stop breastfeeding?? She never drink wid a bottle ..how can I start with bottle or cup..
Answer: Hello Mummy, before you can stop breastfeeding baby boy or girl, it is necessary to ensure that he or she is ready to quit the habit. The baby should be made habituated to suck content from feeding bottle or cup before you attempt to discontinue breastfeeding. You will find a plethora of baby formula food and semi-solid food that can be given to the toddler for helping him or her transition to regular eating.As your baby sucks milk, the nipple becomes more sensitive to external stimulation over the months. So avoid activities that can cause friction and stimulation to the nipples. Sleep on your back at night so that no pressure is exerted on the breasts. This will in turn help in reducing milk production and help your child wean from breast feeding Evade having sex for a time as the breast may get stimulated and that may lead to excessive milk production. It may be hard to quit breastfeeding all of a sudden for any lactating woman! Try to quit gradually and naturally.
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Question: How long cn i store bm after pumping.. She doesn't suck n drink so i pump n make her feed.. Before she gets up i should pump so tel me how much time its safe to keep n bottle
Answer: U can keep 4-6hrs in sterilize container...if u refrigerate it u can keep 12hrs but bfr gng bring it to room temp
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Question: my baby is 1yr 1month old...n I'm pregnant as well...dr has asked me to quiet giving her milk...plz hlp out wth tips hw cn I stop her from havin milk...I tried applying bitter medicine n givin milk in bottle bt she doesn't takes milk frm bottle...plzzz hlp me out wth ths
Answer: Apply karela juice on niple and apply same sweet thing on milk bottle.
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