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Question: My baby doesn't breastfeed because of my flat nipples

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Answer: Hi dear, Flat nipples do not usually interfere with breastfeeding. Most newborns can latch on to flat nipples without much of a problem. And, as long as your baby can latch on to your breast properly, he or she will be able to get your nipples out. You can do the following: 1- yes nipple shield or shells acts as fake nipples and can help babies latch on that 2- there are V- shells or C- shells that can draw your nipples out 3 - if flat nipples are due to breast engorgement,try to keep warm compress 4- breast pump can also elevate the nipples 5 - you can meet latching expert or paediatrician to help you in latching in such cases Make sure your baby is well fed by counting the number of wet nappies
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    pinky singh28 days ago

    Or else use nipple-shield , me too was having same problem. Use nipple-shield at breast so baby can easily have mother milk.

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Question: Flat nipples..how to breastfeed pls help
Answer: Hello dear... Please don't get worried,generally flat nipples won't affect your ability of breastfeeding,this is because during breastfeeding ,baby are not just sucking the nipple,the aerola and sorrounding breast tissue,so that it is possible to pull out the nipple,soon and you will get good latch,and you can also use nipple shield to enable good latch
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Question: Can I breastfeed with inverted or flat nipples
Answer: Dear if the baby is taking the feed and is not having any problems then yes you can. It has been 1 month if it was causing problem your baby would have made it a point to you by being cranky and not taking the feed. Also I have heard that using manual breastpump just before the feed will pull out the nipple and you can breastfed your baby after that. This would make it easier for you. Nipple shield is also a good option. Hope it helps.
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Question: I m 32weeks pregnant...i have flat nipples because of that i could not breastfeed my daughter......this time i want to breastfeed my child....so what to do....
Answer: Use nipple puller to pull your nipple out before every feed. Gradually nipple will come out.
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