13 months old baby

Question: my baby does not drink milk except mother milk ..what to do . how to make her drink milk she 13 month old

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Answer: Use lactogen 3, or you can flavor it by mixing anything, my baby also don't like plain milk am flavouring with almond paste,cashews like this so she happily having it. Try that maximum it works happy parenting take care
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Question: my baby does not drink milk except mother milk..what to do how to make her drink milk?
Answer: It's common for babies to refuse formula or cow milk in a bottle or glass initially. Don't give up too easily – it may take more than a few tries to get your baby to drink milk from a bottle. She may refuse a bottle the first few times it's offered, especially if you're the one offering it. That's because your baby can smell you and would probably prefer the real thing, which is sweeter. First try & get her used to sucking milk through bottle. Express your own milk & start giving it to her through bottle. Once she gets used to taking a bottle of breast milk, the transition to formula/cow milk may be a bit easier, though she may turn up her nose at what's in the bottle. To make this transition smoother, let your partner offer the first few bottles. You might also try giving the bottle when your baby is hungry rather than at a feeding when she might be nursing as much for comfort as for nourishment.
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Question: How to stop mother milk of my 2 years old baby.. she does not drink cow milk at all !
Answer: Hello dear, Never stop breastfeeding without trying to do it slowly. I recommend starting very slowly. A good trick I learned was to cut back by one feeding for 2 – 3 days and then continue the cycle. So following the criteria above, I would recommend: 3 expressions per day for 3 days 2 expressions per day for 3 days 1 expression per day for 3 days You’ll find that the average time is 7 – 10 days for the milk to dry completely, and this is rather standard. There’s little you can do to stop breast milk production tomorrow. But you can follow the guidelines above to slowly get your body to stop producing milk.  You can stop pumping & touching…the more you feed the more milk is produced.. Natural pain relievers that are proven to work well when trying to stop producing breast milk are: Apply cold Cabbage Leaves Apply crushed ice packs  Hope it helped, Take care urself.....  
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Question: My baby is 11 days old, she does not drink milk properly, she sucks only the nipple, wt shall i do to make her drink milk prpperly
Answer: You have to guide her by sucking your whole nipple... Since they are too tiny they find difficulties for opening their mouth wider.. so you please balance her properly and make her to suck the whole area around your nipple... Else you might also get pain...
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