Question: My baby does lot of movement while sleeping it seems that she irritates from smthng, is it bcoz of clothes or smthng else?

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Answer: Do you burp before putting baby to bed.. sometimes baby shows discomfort due to trapped gas..
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Question: My baby girl is hungry every hour. She consumes a lot. Is it normal? How should I manage her feed so that she doesn't get hungry too often?
Answer: It is good actually when its a newborn its much n should to feed every hr n 1/2 n try to have food every two hour n try to feed when ever baby wants its common until starts soilds for bby
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Question: My baby having lot of hair while birth.. After he lost lot of hair.. Wat is the reason..
Answer: Hi friend. Hope you are doing well. Don't worry dear this is quiet common, it would be the growth stage and resting stage, it would grow back. Take care.
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Question: We dint have sex from the start of pregnancy my hubby seems not interested in having intimacy, is it OK???
Answer: Hope you are doing well.. Its absolutely OK dear.. Its your personal choice and there's no problem.. Take care.
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