17 months old baby

Question: My baby didn't talk properly. He didn't say mama and Papa. Only say one word kya hai ,ta ta, Da da. It's normal

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Answer: Hello dear. Your baby is a late speaker then as he is saying single words just not forming combined words our of them give your baby some time and let him play with his own age kids. Also read stories and sing rhymes that helps in speaking. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 15month but he speak only papa mama dada it's normal
Answer: Dear, my baby is becoming 1 year old he also says dada... Mama. That's it. All babies re different. And they have lots of time to learn. Only enjoy with baby. Don't think much
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Question: My baby 19 months but doesnt talk mama papa also....he understands everything..and follow things. but dont talk
Answer: Don't get too worried as she is only 19 months and it's good that you are concerned and try to work on it, like some baby starts walking late same ways some babies start talking late you can try encourage speech and language by talking with her about EVERYTHING Explain what you are doing in the car, in the kitchen, at the shops, at your social outings. Talk a lot. And ask lots of questions to elicit some kind of response. “What can you see?” , “What would you like most to play with?”, “What should we make for morning tea today?”, “Which friend would you like to play with?” These questions will encourage her to make conversation.  u give her speech therapy. check with your child, if she rolls her tongue, can stick her tongue out. Basically mouth exercises. MAke her blow a candle with a huff sound. A speech therapist will be able to help the child use the tongue and mouth properly to make sounds. Make sure that your child is not eating soft foods only, is she using her tongue and teeth properly while eating 
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Question: my baby boy is 22 month old by he don't say any word he say only da ta wa me etc.wo sunta hai smjhta bt bolta nhi Mai kaise usse bolwau samjh nhi Sara.
Answer: Learning to talk takes a long time. Your child won't be able to form two-word or three-word sentences until he's well into her second year, or even later. But you can help the process from day one. Try the following to help your baby progress: Talk to your baby simply, clearly and often. It doesn't matter if he doesn't understand what you are saying. he will love having your attention. Take lots of opportunities to talk, listen and respond to your baby during the day. You can do this when you’re bathing or feeding him, or changing his nappy.
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Question: My Son can't talk any word properly.... After a while he speaks one or two word when he want..... What can we do for his regar talking?
Answer: Hello dear Talk to your baby for 30 minutes minimum everyday, stop screen time, read stories to him, don't answer him if he points to any object and shows by gesture or ishara, encourage him to talk and not gesture...he will gradually start talking
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