3 months old baby

Question: My baby didn't pee for overnight whats the reason i feed him every 2 hours once

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Answer: Hi Dear! Pls take the baby to the Paed immediately becz its true that few babies hv control on the pee but 3 months is too early a time to gain this hence a checkup is indeed important.. Hope this helps!
Answer: Hi,please.consulr.to.tour Dr as not peeing is not a good indication dear.
Answer: Arecu feeding ur baby 2 hours once at night also
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Question: Hai... My baby is 16days old... He is vomiting .. What will be the reason... I feed him once in every two hours...
Answer: If the spit out is like curd then it means everything is fine milk is digested but if milk is as same as baby takes then it is due to overfeeding as babies stomach is very small,just after every feeding let her burp properly
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Question: My baby vomits after every feed...even he burp...whats the reason??? Please tell
Answer: Hi dear. . There can be several reasons for this, may be your bbay is taking more milk than required, baby have tendency to spit excess quantity of milk . Vomiting or spiting at this age is totally normal. You judt make sure to burp her after each and every feed. Try to do on and off feeding, that meand feed her for few minutes then burp , again feed her for frw minutes and burp again . Baby can vomit in curd form or even liquid milk also, nothing to worry in both situations. She can also vomit if she is facing acid reflux, makr sure that she don't ingest air while feeding, babies intake air while feeding especially bottle fed baby do so, this air give them gas issue. Take care
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Question: My baby vomits after every feed..even he burps... whats the reason?? Please tell
Answer: Nothing much abnormal in this, baby's digestive system is developing stage. However if this persists for more than couple of days, do consult a doctor.
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