4 months old baby

Question: My 4 mnth baby did not roll over. Bt at tummy time he roll from tummy to back. At what age babies roll over?

Answer: Hi Some babies learn to roll after some time so it is ohk if ur baby wont roll in 4 month generally baby rolls at 5-6 month bt try to put some playing objects near ur baby so baby should approach them by rolling it will help him/her in practise
Answer: Hello, Don't worry dear . If he had started rolling from tummy to back then soon he will learn to move back to tummy. Usually babies start doing it from 4-6 months so it's fine..
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Question: When babies will crawling on hands and knees? My baby is 5 mnth old. He is roll over from tummy to back Not back to tummy.
Answer: There's still 2 months to go.... The baby LL start crawling by the time he completes 7 months
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Question: At what age do babies roll over?? My baby is 5months old but he has not yet started rolling???
Answer: hi after 4 to 5 months baby beach Trance rolling over do not worry if baby is different and achievements was the different stages however you can increase your baby to do so that will help and motivate the baby and slowly the baby will start rolling on its own so do not worry it is normal
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Question: Hi....my baby roll over from back to tummu but she wont roll back from tummy to back....now she is already 7 months old....but she did very fewer times....rest all the Time she roll over and cry......
Answer: Hello dear Baby normally starts doing flips from 4 months from his tummy to back but it will take ur baby to flip from front to back until he is about 5 to 6 months. So, dont worry. Ur baby will soon start to roll.
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