4 years old baby

Question: My baby did not drink milk at all, is it ok, he's 3.5yr now

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Answer: Hi dear it is not necessary that only milk is the food which can give proper neutrition to ur baby but even other sources like egg soya products curd paneer are other easy to available things to provide similar neutrition which milk give. Even u can try to make Milk shake by adding some fruits in it to improve the taste of milk.
Answer: Hello dear. I feel milk is important for the babies. It can be incorporated in the form of paneer, curd if not milk. But dairy product should be part of ur baby's diet. Hope it helps.
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Question: 3 month old my baby he's not drink brest milk, he's looking me laughing & playing so don't drink breast milk
Answer: Hi Dear! Its normal be happy that your baby is achieving developmental goals, its just a phase and will pass soon..Keep offering your feed and he will start taking it soon.. All the best and enjoy this phase..
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Question: My baby is 28 days now. He doesn't have jaundice but it's been 2 days now when he's fussy in his sleep why does his face turns all yellow? Otherwise he's totally OK, no symptoms of jaundice at all!
Answer: Hi, its ok allbabies dies that as they also need time to adjust
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Question: what is the best substitute for milk my 4year baby girl does not like to drink milk at all
Answer: Hello dear try to mix junior horlicks or any flavored powder little amount..she might drink otherwise there are many calcium rich foods which will be a substitute for milk.. Like dark leafy vegetables spinach, methi, yogurt, cheese, panner, etc..
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