5 months old baby

Question: My baby demands feeding every times he get up in middle of his sleep ..even though i think his stomach is full..what to do

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Answer: Hi dear.. Its very common in kids till 2years. They feel safe when they suck nipple. Even if they are not hubgry they want nipple in their mouth for few minutes. Don't worry they will surely stop doing this as they grow.
Answer: May be baby is feeling hungry r thirsty. For everythibg they need to take only breast milk so there is no other option.
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Question: My baby sleep full day he didnt wake up even for feeding what should i do to make him awake atleast for feeding? I am really worried
Answer: Hello dear As ur baby is too small so this is the time when baby is sleeping the whole day and waking up the whole night or vice versa. U no need to worry mom it will not affect in activeness of baby. As the baby is becoming older the routine of sleep will change eventually and u can also see activeness in the baby
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Question: My baby didn't wake up of his own for feeding at night I have to get him up and he sleep every time
Answer: Hi dear z hope you are enjoying your motherhood, if your baby is taking proper feed otherwise then it is totally fine to sleep 4-5 hours at stretch so no need to disturb baby's sleep..tc
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Question: My baby wakes up so many times at night though her stomach is full.. how to make her sleep properly
Answer: Soothing music/ songs/ baby white noise from YouTube Warm towel bath in the late evening Holding her close to ur chest Walking and rocking Dim lights for showing tht it's sleep time
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