1 months old baby

Question: My baby 23 days old wo mra nipl suck nhi krta mi shield bhi try ki nd abhi sufficuent milk bhi nhi aa rha so mi usko fm de rhi hu bt spoon nd ktori se bt mjhe aisa lgta h mi ek do bar try bhi ki botle se fm milk jb deti hu nd thodi der bad apna nipl dalti hu to thoda thoda suck krta h bt spoon se jb iski adat ho jati hi to bilkul bhi mra suck nhi krta ..plz mjhe koi suggest kriy bcz meko aisa lg rha ki bottle se fm dete dete may be mra bhi nipl suck krne lgega ya fir mi katori spoon hi continue rkhu .....plzzz suggest me am so confused bht rona aata h meko smjh nhi aa rha kya kru puri family bs meko all tim sunati rhti h.

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Answer: Aap kosis kijiye ki WO nipple se dudh piye formula milk diya kijiye , sath me AGR WO apka nipple se ni pita to aap apna dudh nikal ke bottle me ke ke dijiye sometimes jb aap spoon se ni denge aur bukh lagegi tb WO khud b khud piyega bottle se, tnsn na le na roye use koi solution na niklega bs diraj se kaam le WO dhir dhir bottle se pins Sikh jayega
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    khushi mishra1181 days ago

    Mi fm hi de rhi hu nd mra bhi jita nikl rha to use botl k through dti hu kbhi 10 ml or 20 ml nikl h bt mi confuse hu ki botle se pilau ya spoon se kya kru ki jldi hi ye mra milk khud suck krk piye

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Question: Message by khushi mishra: gys mre nippl se jyda milk nhi aa rha nd baby jyda suck nhi kr rha nd nipl k shap thoda km h to meko lg rha mi nippl shield use kr lu kya plz suggest nd kis size ka
Answer: Yes use nipple shield for few days. It will help u to form nipple. An ur baby will suck on it jisse apka milk supply b bdh jaega Jitna bcha dudh pita h hmari body utna hi milk produce krti h jitna bche ka pet bhre. Jse jse vo piega. Milk supply apne ap bdhti jaegi .
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Question: : 14 days old baby h mra milk jyda nhi ho rha is wjh se wo mra suck nhi krta iritat ho k chod dta h mjhe all tim fm dena pd rha kya kru ji se milk jyda bne ...bcz mi milk nhi pi skti bht try ki ...nd puri family isi wjh se all tim dante rhte h ...mi khud ab iritet ho gi hu ...milk k alwa kya khau ...plz suzzest
Answer: I will suggest u only for bm because babies who take bm for 6 month their immunity system strong. There are many foods which Increase Breast Milk Quickly 1. Oatmeal Oats have a lot of benefit is with them. Apart from easy and quick to prepare, it helps keep blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight in check and supports the immune system as well. Oats are rich in calcium and fibre and thus helps increase the milk supply. It also prevents the occurrence of diabetes during post pregnancy. You can have a bowl full of oatmeal for breakfast or can also go for oat cookies. 2. Salmon Salmon is rich in omega-3 and essential fatty acids required by the body as they are highly nutritious and vital for breastfeeding mothers. It helps boost lactation hormones by making the milk more nutritious and healthy. It simply improves mother’s health so that she can produce the hormones necessary for milk production You can go for the boiled, steamed or the grilled one for your meal. 3. Spinach and beet leaves These contain a high amount of calcium, iron, vitamin K, vitamin A and folic acid. Iron is required by the anaemic mothers. It also helps to make the baby stronger. It contains some plant chemicals which prevent breast cancer. You can take the leaves and make soup or can make a paratha for a meal. Remember to eat spinach carefully and in some alterations as too much of it can cause diarrhoea in your baby. 4. Carrots Carrots are rich in beta-carotene and vitamin A which are needed by the lactating mothers. Like spinach, it does help a lot for increasing lactation. It provides with energy and improves the quality and supply of milk. Having a glass of carrot juice with lunch or breakfast will work as an amazing food for lactating mother. You can directly snack on it or can even make a soup of it. In winters, you can go for blended carrots stirred with warm milk and sugar as it soothes the body. 5. Fennel seeds Fennel is a rich source of vitamin C. and one of the foods to increase breast milk quickly. Apart from this, it also aids in digestion and settles an upset belly. It also helps control colic under babies. You can have it along with seasonings or can add it to your tea or milk. It can also be used as a mouth refresher, just pop a few seeds into your mouth after the meal. 6. Fenugreek seeds Fenugreek is a great source of iron, protein and vitamin C. It enhances the milk’s quality and also increases the milk supply within a few days of consuming the fenugreek herb. But if you are prone to asthma or allergies, you have to be careful with it. You can toss in the seeds with flavouring and seasoning or have it along with some rice. 7. Garlic Garlic is considered as the most popular food to boost lactation in nursing mother.
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Question: 11 days old mra baby ho gya abhi tk wo mra milk nhi pi rha usk muh me dalne pe bhi suck nhi krta irritate ho jta h mi khud se pi dba k niklti hu usk muh pe fir bhi nhi pita bs pure day me jo bhi nikla to katori spoon me niklti hu nhi to f.m dti hu mi kya kru baby ko dhkh k bht rona aata h wo bht dubla ho gya ....plz koi mjhe iska solution btaye ki baby feed krne lge usko dhkh k bht roti hu mi
Answer: If your baby is feeling hot and uncomfortable, chances are he won't feel like feeding. So it becomes important to take steps to cool him down before doing anything else.  Turn up the fan, cooler or AC settings. If there isn't any electricity then take off layers of clothing.Your baby may be more comfortable in just a vest (ganji) and a nappy, preferably a cloth nappy, during the day. Don't let your baby stay in direct sunlight or warm enclosed areas like a hot car. If your baby wants to play outside in a shaded area, make sure that the hot loo winds are not blowing. They can cause dehydration and heat stroke. Keep your baby in a cool, breezy and shaded area. Give him a bath in lukewarm water or let him splash around in an inflatable pool inside the house.You can use a clean damp cloth to wipe your baby to instantly cool him. Drinking fluids regularly can help to prevent overheating, dehydration and heat stroke. It may also improve your baby's appetitte.Ihe's older, you can also give him water and offer other nutritional drinks. Coconut water is rich in electrolytes and can help prevent dehydration, especially if your baby has diarrhoea. Always ask your pediatrician first. If it is breast milk then it could be something in your diet that is causing the baby is not taking.
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