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Question: My baby 40 days old...her right eye water is coming ..what I do??

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Answer: Hi dear Nothing to worry about it's common. Clean her eyes with sterilized cotton with Luke warm water.Use different cotton for both eyes as infection may spread from one to another eye.Massage near eye tear ducts circular motion nd finally down wards for 5 mins morning nd 5 mins evening untill it's cured.
Answer: Same problem is here with my baby. Clean baby s eye with wet cotton dipped in hot water 2 or 3 times in a day.
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    Priyadarshini Nayak700 days ago

    Feed karate time milk uski eyes me dalo ek do bar me sahi hojayega

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Question: my baby is 2 months old,from her one eye water is coming everyday n in the same eye dirt is coming what to do please help
Answer: Your baby's watery eye should get better on its own in a few weeks, once her tear duct has opened up. You can remove any sticky liquid or crusting by bathing her eye with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.  While your baby's tear duct is developing she may be more prone to conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation in the eye that makes it pink, sore, and itchy. If you are worried your baby has conjunctivitis, see your doctor. You can help to open up your baby's tear duct by applying light pressure with your fingers on the side of your baby's nose, working your way down from top to bottom. Ask your doctor for help if you are unsure how to do this. 
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Question: Hello, My baby is 4months 23 days old, water is coming from her right eye like tears, what to do on this??
Answer: hi this can be due to some allergy it is advisable to consult to the doctor in the meanwhile you can find the babies eyes with sterilized cotton swabs so that it does not add today infection
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Question: My baby is 40 days old...In her right eye water is coming ..what I do??
Answer: It may be cause of eyeduct pblm, so go n consult the eye doctor
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