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Question: My baby 44 days old... Uski eyes se bohot pani niklta h... Kya kru

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Answer: uski nose par eyes ke beech me jo corners hote h us par massage kare halke se. din me 3 4 bar kre
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Question: hiii.... my baby is 10 days old... uski ek eyes se pani araha h... why is it so?
Answer: Your baby's watery eye should get better on its own in a few weeks, once her tear duct has opened up. You can remove any sticky liquid or crusting by bathing her eye with cooled boiled water and cotton wool.  While your baby's tear duct is developing she may be more prone to conjunctivitis. Conjunctivitis is an inflammation in the eye that makes it pink, sore, and itchy. If you are worried your baby has conjunctivitis, see your doctor. You can help to open up your baby's tear duct by applying light pressure with your fingers on the side of your baby's nose, working your way down from top to bottom. Ask your doctor for help if you are unsure how to do this. 
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Question: My baby 44 days old... Aaj usko injection lgvaya... Bohot jyada ro rha h kya kru
Answer: Tips To Manage The Pain After Vaccination For Babies: Feed Your Baby: In fact, babies who breastfeed during vaccination cry less. Feeding your baby after the vaccination session could also help alleviate the pain. Use A Cool Compress: Another effective way to provide pain relief for babies after shots is to apply a clean, cool washcloth on the sore area. It will help reduce the soreness and tenderness around the site of the injection. If the situation doesn’t improve in 24 hours, you may want to get your baby examined by a doctor. In most cases, babies may cry a little after being vaccinated, but they settle down after a cuddle and some calm moments. Remember, parental concern during a baby’s vaccination also plays a major role in increasing the baby’s distress. So next time you take your baby for a prick remain calm and focus on the importance of the shot rather than the temporary pain your baby may feel.
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Question: hii my baby is 170 days old uski ankho se pani bhut niklta hi . i mean to say anshu bhut ate hi kya kru
Answer: hello.. dear its quite common babies me aanshu aana... agar jyada paani nikal raha ho tho infection higa doctor ko dikhaye..kehete hai ki chote drop dono ankho aapka breasfeed dale tho bhee kam ho sakt ahi.. try kijiye..
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