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Question: My baby 6 day old she losses her waight her birth time weight 2.66 kg yesterday her weight 2.30 kg. And she is not drink milk. Pls suggest me

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Answer: That's perfectly normal for newborns. They tend to loose weight in first few days. You'll have to work really hard to teach them how to suck. If your baby is not latching your breast properly,try using breast pump
Answer: hey dear... its common. All baby will lose 5%-10% of their birth weight in the first week. At the end of the second week the baby must regain its birth weight. Breastfeed the baby properly to gain normally.
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Question: My baby birth weight 2.30 kgs and now she is 3months 16 days old now her weight is 3.9 is she fyn or not i am suffering alot
Answer: Dear baby's weight is completely fine and there is nothing to worry about it.. just take good care of yourself and baby....
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Question: Hii. My baby weight is 8 kg and she is running 4 months old..is it normal and her birth weight is 3.4 kg ...pls rply..plzz
Answer: Oh wow your baby weight is little more, still it is not called overweight, if she don't have any medical complications then nothing to worry.
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Question: my baby is 6 months old now..her birth weight 3 kg..now she is 7 kg..is it normal?
Answer: Dear 7 kg is fine.. no need to worry about weight if baby is active
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Question: My baby is 4 months old and her weight is 4.900 kg. Her birth weight is 2kg so is it OK or not? She is on breastfeed only some time she won't take pls help me.
Answer: Hi dear.. yes its normal weight... Dont worry ..breast feed evry 2nd hour.. dont.panic.. happy motherhood
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