1 months old baby

Question: My baby crying more at evening times what's the reason?

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Answer: Hi, check whether your baby getting sufficient milk because my baby also cried for the same reason...
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Question: My baby is crying so much what's the reason
Answer: Hi,baby can be crying due to many reasons.if the baby is colic and having discomfort in the tummy. If the baby has rashes on the Pvt parts or if the baby has UTI or if there is any pain in any part of the body. You should try and massage the baby s tummy with warm mustard oil as it may help if the baby has colic If the problem still persist thou should consult the Dr You should check baby s private parts and apply cocunut boil or vaseline so that if baby has rashes or burning it will help the baby.
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Question: My baby 64 dsys old .she crying lot at evening time..what is the reason..
Answer: This is most probably cause of colic pain(especially if you can see the baby trying to pull his legs closer to the stomach & also tightening of the stomach area) , try using GASTICA (15 mins before feed, mL depends on your baby's weight). COLIC AID is another such medicine which relives Colic pain.The composition of both are almost the same, You will have to use & check what best suits your little one. Hing with a drop of Luke warm water enough to make a paste can be applied to the navel area in clockwise & anticlockwise motion using your thumb applying minimal pressure , this is a famous homemade remedy. Remember to always burp your baby this allows a lot of trapped air to release.
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Question: My 2 months and 20 days old baby sometimes(5 times) freezed afrter crying. What's the reason? plz..
Answer: That is something serious if you had delivered preterm or you had some complications or had a history of high blood pressure. Epileptic seizures or calcium lac van be ruled out in a manual checkup Please see a paediatrician if it is happening more than3/4 times a day as Dr might need to evaluate baby to help understand if baby's mental growth will be affected.
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