1 months old baby

Question: My baby crying any tym why,???

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Answer: Give the baby colic drops it will reduce pain and baby will stop crying. Breastfeed continouly
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Question: My baby crying a lot all d tym why
Answer: Hello dear, sometimes babies cry even if they're  sick, hungry, frustrated, colic or need a diaper change. Babies also cry more often in the late afternoon and early evening, which might be when they need to release tension after a long day...  If your baby is younger than 5 months old and cries for more than three hours in a row on three or more days a week, chances are he's colicky. Whatever you do, don't express your frustration by shaking your baby. Shaking your baby violently can cause brain damage and even death. And if can't able to understand, please consult any health provider to know the actual status. 
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Question: Hii my baby crying @ tym of passing urine plz sugges
Answer: Hello dear, this could be because of dehydrated body. Your baby is very small to have liquids the only thing u can give him at this stage is breast milk. Breast Milk have all the vital nutrients that ur baby need. Keep him hydrated by giving him breast milk only. Keep urself hydrated have more or liquids like lime water, coconut water, cranberry juice. Include curd in ur diet coz it's the best probiotic. Also you  can apply hing paste on belly point.U can dip the ear buds in olive or coconut oil and keel it in the anal region. Take care!
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Question: Why my baby is crying ?
Answer: Hi dear small baby can cry because of different reasons. If your baby is crying just after feeding then possibly your baby suffering from stomach discomfort or gas. Feed baby properly but don't over feed, burp well after each feed to release the extra gas which can cause discomfort. Hope it helps.
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