11 months old baby

Question: My baby cries a lot for no reason like if we dont give any thing he wants he will cry

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Answer: Hello Being with a stubborn kid can get upsetting and frustrating. Try taking control over the situation with these tips Give the kid choices. Whn u ask them to do something and they are being stubborn ask wt they want to do instead create a win win situation. Tell them to do things in a fun way. That way they follow ur directions. Always keep it simple. Use first or then language this ll help your child understand wt can happen.Stay calm. Let them not see that their behavior upsets u. The kids sometimes do it just to see u upset. Rein force good behavior. Praise them when they do some thing good reinforce this by saying how he or she was so good so they kno good behavior is appreciated.
Answer: Your baby started throwing tantrums And this is only the beginning!  Best way is to leave the room for a few moments Ignore it - try not to even react to it. Walking out of the room is good, if he's safe - if the audience walks out, there's no point in him continuing his performance!
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Question: My baby always use to see mobile. If i didn't give he will cry a lot so plz help me
Answer: hi dear nowadays most of the babies are addicted to mobile phones from 7 months they started watching mobile phones they will stop using it only when they start going to school if you are baby started going to school please make her teacher to explain that mobile using is strictly prohibited if the children's use mobile they make it so and so problem and the school headmistress may punish if she get any complaint regard. so threaten your baby like this only then she will avoid using mobile phones horrors she will become very addicted to mobile phones are you couldn't bring out her from it.
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Question: If we give wheat or ragi malt by adding salt theit no issue for babies na.bcoz he dont like jaggery
Answer: Dear Mom U should avoid salt till baby will turn to 1 year ... If u want just consult doctor once
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Question: My baby cries a lot when he wants to sleep.... While eating and playing he loves
Answer: Hello dear, baby just want to get your attention, that's why behaving like this.
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