Few days old baby

Question: My baby cries a lot during night time.

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Answer: Check if she is having cold or ear pain..if she is having cold then she might be not able to take breathing properly...check with ur doctor aswell...
Answer: Us ko neand thk sy nahi ati ya tu us j andar sardi h Jo usai pareshan krti h ya us k pait Mai b drd hoskta g
Answer: Ple se conslt your doctor for this
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Question: My baby cries in night a lot
Answer: Hello dear. Babies usually cry at night times due to hunger. Check the clock, and if it's been two or three hours since the last feeding, your baby is probably waking up to tell you she/he needs to be fed. Take care.
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Question: My one and half month baby cries a lot during night what might be the reason
Answer: Check if he is getting enough breast milk Try to follow a sleep pattern
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Question: My baby cries a lot during massage. Any solutions?
Answer: It's completely normal. Please ensure that massage is done gently and not Roughly. Use a rattle or toy or toy can sing to distract your baby. They start enjoying it at around three months.
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Question: my baby cries a lot in night...what to do ?
Answer: Dear this can be a sign of colic. Generally a colicky baby will start to show signs btw 2 and 4 weeks old. Colic is defined as 3 or more hours of crying, 3 or more days a week for at least 3 weeks. These babies cry for long periods of time, inconsolably, as if they are in pain. Reflux, gas and food sensitivities can all cause this type of behavior. So to give relief to baby Place your baby face-down on your lap or upright with his tummy against your shoulder, or baby lies face down with his belly resting on your arm. Then gently rub or pat her back as you hold him. Moreover, the touch or the skin-to-skin contact of each other calm and soothes both the baby and the mother.  Burp your baby after every feed. Pat on the back to make the baby burp. Colicky babies respond well to movements. Carrying, rocking and dancing the baby might relax him a bit. always consult your doctor before offering any medication to the baby and before making any changes in the diet of both you and your baby. Colic might be caused because of some allergy, so it is always better to get an expert’s opinion.
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