4 months old baby

Question: My baby cries a lot before going to sleep. How can i make her sleep with less or no crying?

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Answer: Sing a lullaby. Swing it in ur arms and make a rhythmic sound.
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Question: My baby use to fall asleep while feeding and use to sleep with me at night...but now i have started to make her sleep in crib.but she cries a lot before falling to sleep to be feed by me and make her sleep .how could i train her to sleep in crib
Answer: Hi dear "Young infants understand the world in a very sensory fashion, which is why they find the warmth and softness of your arms so soothing," ."In fact, research shows that a baby can tell if she's being held by one of her parents or someone else. She knows what Mommy feels and smells like." 1 Put the crib in your room first. If you have room for the crib in your bedroom, it may be easier to get them to sleep in it while they are still in a familiar area. Let them sleep in the crib for a week or two before moving it into their own bedroom. 2 Spend time in their new room. To get your baby used to their new room, spend some time during the day in the bedroom. Play with them, do tummy time, or move their changing table into this nursery. 3 Sit beside them as they fall asleep.Once they are in their new room, the baby may struggle to fall asleep without you nearby. Sit in a chair beside the crib until they fall asleep. Each night, move the chair further away from the crib. Eventually, the baby should fall asleep without you. 4 Sleep in their room for a night or two.If your baby is having severe separation anxiety, you can try sleeping in their new room for a night or two. Use an air mattress or a sleeping bag to set up camp on their floor. They may learn that their new crib is not so bad after all.[1
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Question: My baby cries a lot loud before she gets into sleep..can someone help me on how to make her comfortable to sleep without crying...she cries very loudly that my entire flat is getting disturbed ..can anyone help me please ..i can't see her crying it s very hurting me
Answer: Before making her sleep give gripe water.give her light massage to her body n head before sleeping.see if she is not hungry.
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Question: My baby is crying a lot before going to motion
Answer: Apply castor oil in tummy, and help him by naking him to do cycling
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