3 months old baby

My baby cried loudly because of that her voice changed... It will pain to my baby.... Any home remedies please???

Take care of your baby Dr.. Try to calm... Parenting is difficult one... Apply sesame oil.... U can apply ramakkati through throat....
Happy parenting and take care of your baby. Apply sesame oil and ramakatti to that affected area
If ur baby cried alot.. tap on the bum so it wil become normal
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Question: My baby has cough alot plz tell me about any home remedies.. her voice also changed
Answer: No home remedies for one month baby. Pls take her to the doctor and get treatment
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Question: My 7 month baby is suffering frim sore throat and running rose.. his voice has changed and not able to shout loudly like before. Any home remides?
Answer: Hi, Your child's old enough to be eating solids, warm beverages – tea or broth, for example – can be soothing. (Skip the honey in the tea until your baby is at least a year old, though. Honey may contain botulism spores that can grow in a baby's immature intestinal tract.)  Keep in mind that it's important to keep your child from becoming dehydrated, so even though it may hurt to swallow, she'll need plenty of fluids, especially if she's running a fever. For young babies, that means breast milk or formula. If it's hard for your baby to swallow, try giving her smaller amounts to drink more frequently than usual. If your child's really uncomfortable, ask the doctor. Try a cool mist vaporizer or humidifier in your child's bedroom to moisten the air and soothe her throat. Be sure to keep the filters clean, or they can add germs to the air.
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Question: Hi my baby is 4th month old suddenly from yesterday afternoom his voice changed after he cried what to do
Answer: His vocal chords must have got irritated due to crying Nothing to worry Give him warm water one to two spoons a time He becomes normal If you see any other symptoms like cough fever please take to doctor
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