Few weeks old baby

Question: My baby continuously pooping along with urine, is it any problem? Pls help

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Answer: No dear. It's not a problrm. It's normal practice for some babies. Nothing to worry
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Question: Hai my baby is with breast feed along with formula feed he is pooping in greenish yellow colour past 2 days onwards.is it normal or any problem
Answer: No dear,Green stools in babies is normal,Because newborns and infants should only consume breast milk or formula, the color of their stool tends to be more consistent than it is in older children. Breastfed babies typically have a mustard-yellow stool. It may look seedy or have slight hints of green..stool colur may change with the mother's diet.Formula-fed babies should have tan or yellow poop with traces of green. Sometimes the poop may look more green than others.the baby shows no other signs of illness, loose stools or green stools are probably not because of diarrhea..if any other symptoms will persist then call peadeatrician for other treatment .tq
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Question: My 14 month boy baby having urine infection along with fever is there any home remedy?
Answer: usually when the baby gets urine infection it also leads to the fever and therefore the fever with urinary infection is always higher however it is very important for you to maintain a very good action for the baby as well as give adequate water to the baby so that the baby will get frequent and good flow of urine this will help the baby urinary tract infection give coconut water juices soups this will help
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Question: My baby is pooping green color with white dots is there any problem with him
Answer: No you might have eaten green leafy vegetables or iron rich food. If there is mucus as well consult your doctor.
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