38 weeks pregnant mother

My baby continue hit at one place is it normal

Zessss it's normal
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Question: Is it normal to feel constant kicks at same place?
Answer: Hii dear it is very natural. Ur baby is loving to kick u continually in the same place. U can talk to ur baby and touch him.this may make him stop doing it.
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Question: One kid hit wit door khili on my stomac left side...will it effect my baby...
Answer: Hello dear if you were accidentally hit by somebody in your stomach and you feel any sharp pain inside your abdomen or you feel a little bit of leakage or spotting then you must definitely approach your doctor. But in case you are not feeling any pain or any spotting then it may not have harmed you but it is always better to be on a safer side and so I would recommend you to see your doctor at the earliest possible.
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Question: hi mam if one place two pregnant ladies can stay in one place if it is any problem
Answer: Ofcourse. It will be good to share each others experience.
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