11 months old baby

Question: My baby completed 11 months but still she is not able to stand and walk independently plz reply any one I Am feeling tense

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Answer: Hello dear first don't take tension even my has completed 11 month but still he is not walking nor stand . He had just started to stand so don't take tension .every child has different milestone so don't worry.just give him some time just wait and watch.also u can give him oil massage on feet ,give him regularly massage on feet he would start stand also walk its my own experience. I used massage oil dr Balaji Tambe santulan baby massage oil I used on my baby feet regularly basis my baby started stand himself and trying to walk himself .
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    Pavani Mahendra723 days ago


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Question: My baby has completed one year but still she is unable to walk her own.. She will stand at one place but still cannot walk independently
Answer: Hey, don't worry.you should not compare children always remember that every child is different and they will achieve their milestones at their own pace so firstly relax about it. My baby has also started walking after she was 13 months old. So do not worry your baby will start walking with time give good massage to a baby twice a day which help to strengthen the muscles and bones of the baby.
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Question: my son completed 13 months but still not able to walk or stand by own?
Answer: Hi dear, my 1st baby started walking in 15th month, and i was also as worried as you are but from my experience i would like to tell u dont worry. If baby is growing fine and achieving other milestones then nothing is wrong. Try to limit use of walker and encourage baby to reach to your arm or toy. Some kids take time and its normal.
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Question: Hi My baby is 14 months old and still is not able to stand independently.. I am giving him regular massage. He can walk holding an object or person but not independently.
Answer: Hello dear You should massage ur baby legs regularly . Massage build your bones nd muscle healthy nd stronger.if ur baby standing with support there is nothing to worry. . But ur baby didn't respond you take advice ur doctor
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