3 months old baby

Question: My baby can take biscuit in fifth month

1 Answers
Answer: No...gv him biscuit or any other solid only aftr completing 6th months
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Question: Can i travel in aeroplane in my fifth month?
Answer: Yes you can travel through air if you are having your pregnancy progressing normal.
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Question: Can I give biscuit for my 7th month baby boy
Answer: Biscuits are certainly not a healthy replacement for actual food when it comes to feeding your baby. So to answer the question “Can you give biscuits to your baby?”, the brief answer is absolutely not. This might come as a surprise to you, but while biscuits are tasty, they are absolutely worthless from a nutrition standpoint. This can be extremely problematic for a variety of reasons. Main reason is:- Irrespective of any other ingredients, the main component of all biscuits is your standard refined wheat flour or maida.Refined wheat flour takes a much longer time to get digested, overworking the digestive system even in adults. When it comes to babies, their intestines are less developed and will endure a lot more stress when attempting to digest maida.
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Question: Can i give biscuit for my 4 month baby
Answer: No dear.. for first 6 months bm or FM is best for infant.. after 6 months give semi solid food..
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