16 weeks pregnant mother

Question: my baby can heat now

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Question: My baby have heat rash,how can remove the heat rash ?
Answer: Hi Its common in summer....just give bath to baby with warm water instead hot water..add.some.neem leaves in that water....also apply gingelly oil on rashes as its natural anti fungal and helps to cure any skin problems...do note temparature if fever is there do take baby to doctor
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Question: Hello dr my baby now 6 month old baby if I give apple puree she will cry do to heat want can I do for reduce the heat
Answer: Cool the food before feeding... Try papaya, banana, powdered oats kheer , curd and fruit puree, powdered rice kheer. There are many foods that can be given.
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Question: Can i use ice to prevent my baby prickly heat..my baby girl 9 month start now
Answer: Apply normal baby powder add little champur powder (fine powder) .. tried and tested remedies..
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