1 months old baby

Question: My baby boy to much crying when he doing urine.

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Answer: Hello dear Babies cry while they pee is due to burning. Apply castor oil on the stomach and nappy area. Some times babies feel the pressure and it's new to them so they cry. U should drink alot of water try avoiding food that makes the baby gassy like dal potatoes cabbage etc. Some times dis is due to UTI as well if the baby is crying too much pls consult ur doctor
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Question: My 2 months old boy has more heat.ie he is continouesly crying when passing the urine during evening time.I am giving colicoid drops. is it safe or not?
Answer: Hi dear.. Check his urine routine examination and urine culture Since he is having difficulty while passing urine it can be urinary tract infection... Keep him hydrated.. continue breastfeeding If symptoms persist consult your doctor and get antibiotics
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Question: My baby boy is 13days old and he was crying when he pass the urine is that any problem
Answer: Hi dear. No problem u may give some water drop by drop. And apply castor oil in their stomach. It will cure. If any series means u may consult doctor immediately.
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Question: Hi I have 6 weeks old male baby, when he is passing urine he is crying is it normal?
Answer: Every time when he pass urine if he cry need to consult doctor, only some times means need not worry
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