3 years old baby

Question: My 2yr 11month baby boy cannt speak or not willing to speak .he always want mobile and T.V. for watching their favourite cartoons.when i consult with psychiatrist he started his treatment from last 4 mth.Dr. told us that my baby is slow witted and he need some brain stimulater tonic to improve his activities.

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Answer: Hi there if the baby could not speak for 2 years 11 months you should have taken the baby to a speech therapist y to a psychiatrist, I personally don't think that the baby should be offered any kind of brain stimulator at this early age , please go cold Turkey and do not let the baby watch mobile or TV at all and you can definitely see a difference and baby will start talking soon if possible take the baby tour speech therapist who can help you and guide you about the cues to help the baby to speak and also you can check a website called ASHA they also share few guidelines.. Hope this helps!
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