Few days old baby

Question: my baby boy of 24 days...poops 7 to 8 times a day...very little every time...is it OK..?? I m little worried as the place of toilet became red..

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Answer: hello.. dear this is normal in babies.. pooping 7/8 times in a day..yes they do litte.. diaper rash is also more common and normal but avoid diapers.. instead expose the area to fresh air.. also put some coconut oil or baby diaper rash cream..
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    Ankita Patel1247 days ago


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Question: My baby boy is 18 days old. He poops 6-7 times a day.. Is it ok?
Answer: Hello! Breastfed babies poop more often, it can be 15-16 times a day too. There is nothing to worry, it is quite normal. Take care
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Question: When my baby is passing gas every time some liquid like substance is coming out and the anus area is very red. And my baby is pooping a little 7 to 8 times a day... I m worried
Answer: Hi, I guess the baby is on breastmilk only. This is common in the babies to pass motion frequently. Also passing motion with every gas is also common. Hence nothing to worry. . The count might go upto 20 times a day. Which is fine. As for redness, avoid using wet wipes, use cotton and lightly dab it on the area to clean. Then apply diaper rash cream or coconut oil.
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Question: My daughter poops 6-7 times a day since past 10-12 days. After every meal she immediately poops , what could be the reason? Is it normal?
Answer: Hi,Dear Babies have this amazing immune system which makes them release all the virus or infection through potty. Thus if it is not accompanied by fever then it's fine. Also if your instincts are worrying you do visit the pediatrician take care
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