3 years old baby

Question: My baby boy is sleepless and unable to gain weight even after consulting doctors many times

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Answer: May be his stomach doesn't get full and that's the reason he doesn't sleep. Keep close track on what he eats, try and give healthy food make a schedule for him also give him mid meals. If he doesn't feel hungry try asking doctor some medicine for hunger. If his stomach is full he will sleep ultimately
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Question: I have delivered a baby boy in march.after delivery my weight is going down even after eating lots.can ul suggest what to eat to gain weight?
Answer: Hi... many congratulations New mama... see these things happen firstly you just give birth and your body is still trying to adapt the changes. Secondly baby must be on breast feeding and when you breast feed a baby sucks out the nutritious as milk... as long as you are breastfeeding it's really hard to gain weight... so don't worry everything takes time eat only healthy and nutritious food that will help you and your baby also... lots of love n hugs..
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Question: How to gain baby weight.?my baby Is 1 Month old. He is not gaining weight. Plz suggest some suggestions to develop my baby we and how many times should I have to give Milk to my baby boy
Answer: Congratulations mummy no need to worry that your baby is not gaining weight because this is just one month baby all those 9 month it was inside verbally in water so the water consistency will reduce after the birth free child will lose its body weight after birth after the period of time for example after 40 days children's gain more weight you no need to worry on that you can feel your baby every 2 hours once make sure you get enough milk because when you are healthy your baby will be healthy take nutritious food try to avoid food food because you may catch cold in that may affect your baby SF now concern drink plenty of water helps to clean your body flush the waste from your body
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Question: how and what are the time to breast my baby to gain weight. how many times I want to breast my baby to gain weight
Answer:  Hello make sure u feed for 40 minutes. And the baby is 20 minutes on each breast. Feed the baby every 2 hours regardless of day or night or the baby s. You ll defiantly see the improvement in babies weight. Make sure u only breast feed don't use formula as breast milk increases the immune system and protects the baby from common problems like cough cold fever
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