1 months old baby

Question: my baby boy is one month old ...and am breast feeding him...but he always crying in night... even after i feed him what should i do

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Answer: same here too. i asked doc abt dis. he told me dat its common in new brn babys. nothing to wry. dey use to say is collic pain in stmch. he prescrid me a collic drops.
Answer: same here jitna bhi dudh pila do bachae ko par vh raaat bhar routi hai... or thodi dr baad sara milk vh nikal daeti hai....
Answer: may b he is hvng stomach ach give him medicine for tht prescribed by the dr or give aajwin watet
Answer: may be your milk is not sufficient and he remains hungry.there can be other reasons too.
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Question: my baby boy is one month old....he is crying everynight....iam giving bm to him....what will be the reson....he s crying even after i feed..
Answer: aur usku right ya left karwat pay sulao toh wo aacha soega better aap jis side soti wahi side sulao aapka nipple do wo suck karte karte sojaega
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Question: My baby is 20 months old and he wakes up 4- 5 times in night and starts crying as I am Breast feeding him but then also he is crying in night, please tell me what to do?
Answer: May be due to insufficient milk baby may be crying. Try using formula milk
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Question: My baby is one month today he sleeps during the day and awake at night even after feeding him fully please suggest what should I do.
Answer: hi dear, starting from first month to 1 year babies set their biological clock by themselves. so if your babies sleep throughout the day then it's very obvious he will not sleep at the night. gradually you have to build the system in him and for that don't let him sleep in the evening till 8 and then feeding properly and try to make him sleep. If you practice this everyday gradually he will adopt this system.
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Question: Hi, my baby is 14 days old. I am feeding him with breast milk only. But he vomits all the milk after feeding. What should I do.
Answer: After every feed make him burp before he sleeps.... after burp he won't vomit the milk....babies do vomit the excess milk after burp...
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