8 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is not sleeping contiously at night and wakes up atleast 4-5 times and starts crying. He is very much got used to sleeping beside mom with nipple in the mouth.. that habit has reduced a lot but continuous sleep is still an issue. Someone please help.

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Answer: Same problem wide me
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Question: Hi, My baby is not sleeping in the night... She wakes up every hour or hour and half and starts crying. Have tried everything. Please suggest.
Answer: Hi dear, every baby sleeping schedule is different, If baby stomach is not full, he wakes up, if gas issues, cold cough is also disturb sleeping. Start your baby bedtime routine — first full her stomach, baby body massage, the bath and the cuddles. Also be sure your baby is getting enough sleep during the day to make up for lost sleep at night (it’s even harder for an overtired baby to settle down at night). Keep in mind, too, that sleep regression is temporary. Once your baby acclimates to her new developmental abilities, sleeping patterns should return to baseline.
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Question: Hello my 7 month old baby not sleeping in night hours.. He used to sleep at 5-6 am in morning and wakes up all the night
Answer: Mrng as usual baby wake up give some water and engage to do som plays,den oil massage whole body jst free 20 mt ,den warm water bath make it hapy,give som fud lik raggi,rava,banana powder ...watever baby feel full stomach aftr 15mt go for a calm nd quite rum slow sound music,if it hot switch on fan( low)make comfort feed ..both of dem feels free..or u can sing with slow voice...and tap her bak slowly or hug baby..baby hav to feel dat dey r in a safe hand..try it.. i dont knw weather is success to all.. Am dng d same..same thg u do 1wk...
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Question: My baby is 20 months old and he wakes up 4- 5 times in night and starts crying as I am Breast feeding him but then also he is crying in night, please tell me what to do?
Answer: May be due to insufficient milk baby may be crying. Try using formula milk
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