4 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 4 months old.. He is vomiting once a day from last 3 days daily .. Wat can be the reason and provide solution plZ

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Answer: After feeding your baby do burping and while feeding baby sit and feed dnt make baby lay down. And it's very common vomiting as they don't knw how much to drink, if they drink more will take out some. If u feel my answer is helpful please click on helpful
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Question: Hi my baby is 4 months old and he is pooping 4-5 times in a day from last 3 days. He is on exclusive breastfeeding. What could be the reason for this??please suggest
Answer: Hello dear Ur baby digestion is not developed till now, thats why he is drinking and passing motion. I would advise you to have Dashmularisht which is good for digestion that indirectly would go to baby through your milk, also u can have ajwain,saunf after every meal that would keep you n baby free from digestion problems.
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Question: My baby 7 month old and she is drinking formula milk lactogen2. In last 2 or 3 days she motion the every day with 4 hrs once wat can i do give the reason and solution sir / mamdam
Answer: Formula milk always affects baby's digestion, and as for 7 months baby it may be due to teething. Check his gums for any hardness. If baby is active n in playful mood then it's ok. But getting irritated or crying too much then consult doctor
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Question: My 2 months boy baby passing motion with high liquids every 3 to 4 hours once from past 3 days. What is reason and solution for this problem
Answer: Hi, Its very common in new borns. Breastmilk is the only remedy, keep feeding at small intervals and keep him hydrated. Dont worry Momma babg will be fine.
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