10 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 10 months old and he is still not walking...what to do ...?

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Answer: Hello... Dear usually kids walk around 15 months of their age,so don't get worried,there are few techniques which help getting walk soon.. Give him nutritious diet, which contains all nutrients needed for her development You stand in one side of the wall,make baby to stand at another wall,call him from another side,it will encourage her to walk soon,can also use walker which enable babies to walk soon Wash his legs with rice soaked water,it is very nutritious and helps babies to walk soon,heat rice soaked water to lukewarm Condition,then massage and wash from hip to feet,you will see results within a week,do it regularly
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Question: My baby boy is 14 month still he is not walking what to do pls tell
Answer: Hi, You need to give more practice for your baby.. On a evening time hold your baby hand and try to walk. And you can also use round wheel cycle for baby to walk. And the best thing is you have to motivate and appreciate your baby while you hold their hands and walk. When you do this everyday it will be practice. And also keep on talking with your child every time so that they can quickly responds and talk quickly. Take care of your baby..
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Question: My baby is 15 months old..Still he is not walking...What should I do
Answer: Hi..dont worry.You should massage ur baby regularly her legs. Massage build your bones nd muscle healthy nd stronger.if ur baby standing with support there is nothing to worry. . But ur baby didn't respond you take advice ur doctor .Also u can try to Make ur baby walk by sitting on one side and calling ur baby. Ur baby will take little little steps to come towards u and thus he will learn to walk.
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Question: My baby is 15 months old .still he is not talking and not even walking . What to do
Answer: Dear don't worry ... It's not too late to walk and talk. Have patience baby will start doing these activities soon.. give some time to baby .. some babies are late processing. So no need to worry ....
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