13 months old baby

Question: My baby boy is 12 months, 20 days old. He cannot sit on his own. If we make him sit, he sits properly for long time. Still can't crawl. Mentally he is developing though. He has 8 teeths?. I m worried.

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Answer: It is normal don't worry children's take there own time my baby started walking when he was 17 months old
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Question: My baby is 9 completed.. he doesn't crawls or sits on his own. If we make him sit he will sit for hour but he doesn't stand on his own to Sit is it a matter to worry
Answer: Ideally He should start doing both the things. But its late in some kids. Some of the directly start to walk without crawling. Keep massaging his legs with sesame oil Sit with him in early mrg sunlight for 1/2 hr Continue to give nutritious diet n calcium syrup prescribed You keep making him sit or stand. Check there is no pain anywhere. After u make him sit or stand appreciate him for doing so. Clap for him. Ask him to try doing on his own
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Question: Hi my baby boy is 10months old and still not crawling neither he is sitting on his own ..... If we make him to sit he sits fr long timr but not on his own .... Im worried ... Is it something to get worried about ?
Answer: About crawling some babies don't crawl.... They directly start walking .... You can help him by using Walker .. I know any girl who is now 12months in my neighborhood and now she directly started walking through Walker... Yes she also takes a lot time in sitting also... She started sitting on its own at 11months... So wait every baby is different... But if you are so much concerned than task your baby doctor
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Question: My baby boy is 10 months now....still he does not crawl, and sit on his own
Answer: You should visit Doc for not seating. Crawling doesn't matter some child direct walk . Can you please tell me if your baby is a premature birth? If yes he might be little late
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